Do SSL HTTPS requests on Localhost using a domain and SSL certificates pointing to your local environment.

https://<any subdomain> → https://localhost/

Any subdomain of * points to localhost!

Exception:, which points to a page where you can download the certificates.

Why ? solves mixed-content issues when developing a WebApp or Backend on local environement while accessing ressources on remote HTTPS sources.

The issue is often raised by the same-origin policy mechanism that restricts the loading of resources from another origin unless this can be allowed by sending correct Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) headers.

Which anyway will fall-back on the must-have “non-mixed-content” (No HTTP & HTTPS)

But making requests to HTTPS APIs from HTTP sites on localhost would not be possible without changing security options on your browser, which is why provides SSL certificates with a full loopback domain, to let anyone benefit from a signed certificate on localhost.

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The files

SSL Certificates are updated weekly.